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Piano Lessons - Adults

Maybe you have always wanted to learn to play the piano, but didnít have the opportunity as a child. Adults often think itís too late Ė but itís not! I have taught a lot of adult beginners and what that has taught me is ... that adults vary just as much as children. Some adults learn very quickly, some less quickly. Obviously there are many big differences: adults have heard a lot of music and have a better idea of what they would like to be able to play. Another: as a rule adults who start piano lessons are purely self-motivated, which means they tend to practise more. And practice is what does the trick.

Maybe you had piano lessons as a child, but would now like to study new pieces, without the pressure of having to do exams or meet some other demand ... or someone elseís demands. Maybe you like classical music, listen to ABC Classic FM, go to concerts, and now have a different attitude to playing the piano. I really enjoy helping adults to learn new pieces, discover new depths in music and learn different approaches to technical problems. Rather than trying to master the piece as fast as possible, you can lean back, take a closer Ďlistení to the music, and think about how you want the piece to sound, what mood it should convey and how to achieve that.