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Piano Lessons - Children

I start with children from the age of about six onwards. At the beginning, particularly with young children, the emphasis is on learning their way around the piano, listening to the sounds and discovering how they can be used to convey feelings or tell stories, playing simple tunes (Iearned by rote), learning the names of the keys, developing rhythmical sense. These things go before learning to read notes, which comes a bit later - though not too much later! The main focus is always on LISTENING and enjoyment! Playing music together is always fun. As much as possible children are encouraged to play duets with a sibling, a parent (for those lucky ones with a piano-playing parent) or with me.

Practice the more you practise, the better you can play, and the more fun it is to play. Teachers and parents need to join forces in motivating kids to practise. Children (like adults, actually!) need to have some kind of structure a regular time for practice is a really good idea. Playing at student concerts (and hopefully at other occasions as well, such as school concerts, family birthdays, etc.) is a good motivation. Doing AMEB exams or taking part in competitions can also provide a target and motivation. Just so long as we always remember that the only REAL motivation and reward is the satisfaction and enjoyment of playing music.